Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Hospital End-Game

Been awhile...sorry.

Today we take the discharge class as the hospital, since it appears that Shane will be coming home very shortly. We're hoping his feeding tube will be pulled out altogether in the coming day or so, which will then be followed by circumcision (sorry boys,) car seat testing, and then home for the big brother of the duo. Dylan's been through a lot and isn't that far behind - that boy is a fighter if ever there was one.

As it stands right now, Shane is 6lbs 9 oz. and Dylan is 5lbs 15oz.

Both boys are doing great and have had no setbacks to speak of. They are no longer on a regular feeding schedule because they are cuing so much - waking up screaming for food and the like. Also, Michelle brought in a bouncy seat for Dylan since he is awake and alert for a good part of the day and the nurses hated keeping him in a lying position when he's up so much. We got a pic of him in the seat and it's really cute - I'll post it after we go through the usual scanning nightmare.

So, things will get really hectic once one boy is home and the other remains in the hospital. Hopefully it will be a short-term situation.

Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome news!!!! i'm so glad the boys will be home soon! Hugs,
Nancy & Jack

Anonymous said...

That's incredible news! I'm so happy for you. :)