Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 3 (Improvements All Around)!!

MUCH better day today...Michelle came home from the hospital, Dylan was taken off the respirator and is doing much better and Shane had breast milk for the first time. Also, I finally got to hold my little Shane, which was one of the best things I've ever experienced in my life. Quite a day, indeed. Here's some pics so you can all share in the joy.

First is me holding my oldest son, Shane. This makes me quite happy and still amazes me at how small he is:
Next is Dylan fresh off the respirator. Though he may not look it right now, you can trust me that he looks 100% better than he did at this time yesterday:

And, so he doesn't have a complex about being left out, here's a couple of Shane. The first is him being held by his mother. The bottom one is me rubbing his back while he receives treatment from the bili-lights to help with a touch of jaundice:

That's all - we;re going to enjoy our first night together as 4/6 of a family. See you soon.


KatScarlett said...

OMG they are so beautiful!! They are just amazing! Corey seeing you with Shane in your arms just turned me into a puddle of tears!

Dylan really does look better and being on CPAP is a HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement over the ventilator! That's just incredible!!

We are all thinking of you and hoping that those two strong boys will show the NICU what they're made of and will be home before you know it!

JJ said...

Wow!!! wow wow wow!!! Congratulations to the Grier family, and welcome Shane and Dylan!!! Glad to hear they are here and improving day by day. The pictures and videos are so great. Tears in my eyes here.


therio71 said...

Congratulations Grier family! Your boys are beautiful. I hope they get to go home with you soon!


courtney said...

Congratulations to you all. You have two beautiful little boys. I'm so happy to hear that they are improving. I hope they come home soon.


Meg said...

Welcome to the world boys! Am so happy for all of you! Thanks for putting this out there and allowing us to know! The pictures are great and I will be keeping your family in my prayers!


missy said...

Michelle, Shane and Dylan are gorgeous little beans!! You and Corey should be so proud. All your hard work was totally worth it. They are strong, amazing little boys.

Jake's Mommy said...

Michelle & Family, Congratulations on your family on your beautiful twin boys. I'm happy to know that they are getting healthier everyday.

I'll be looking forward to reading about all of their developments and the day they get to go home!


Carrie said...

Congratulations Grier family! I've been thinking about you alot lately and I'm so happy to hear the boys have arrived and are doing better everyday. Thank you for sharing the pictures, videos and sheer joy of your newest arrivals.
~Carrie and Ava Mae