Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Keep That Good News Coming!

OK, we visited the boys today and Dylan has been making HUGE improvements over the past 24 hours. I was lucky enough to watch him have his first intake of breast milk, something nobody figured would happen for awhile. We also saw his eyes for the first time - which we probably the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

Tonight, they're taking Shane off the Bili Lights, with Dylan to follow tomorrow. Then they will start removing all the other apparatus from both boys, since they are making strides. The nurses seem to think that the boys will make it into isolettes ("houses" as the nurses refer to them,) which is the next step, sometime in the next couple of days. After that come the cribs.

I love good news.

Unfortunately, I only managed a couple of pictures today, courtesy of a dead digital camera battery - all were of Dylan and I will share the most beatuiful one of all: Dylan with a minimal amount of wires and other intrusions.

I know that to most of you, he still looks rough - but to us he's absolutely perfect. Tomorrow, I'll get some video of both boys, especially since they're moving around quite a bit.

Thanks to everyone for their words and thoughts and prayers and everything else good that's been sent our way...


The Richman Family said...

The boys are beautiful and I can't wait to seem them up close and personally. In the meantime, we will keep those thoughts and prayers coming and I will certainly keep asking for help from everyone I see. If you need anything don't hesitate. All our love and best wishes!

KatScarlett said...

OMG I am sitting here laughing with joy while tears stream down my face at the same time! I think Dylan looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL and he is such a strong little guy! What amazing little fella's you have. I could not be happier for you all.

Give those boys kisses from all of us! Gregory wants to send his love most of all. Every day he comes home from school and first thing asks me how the twins are doing! Sending ALL of our love!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on the birth of your boys! they are gorgeous! I'm so happy for you and so happy that they are doing soooo great! Michelle, I've been thinking about you. Miss you momma

Nancy and Jack