Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here's Lookin' At You Kid(s) - Day 5

Another day of improvements and changes for the boys. When we went in today, we were pleasantly surprised to find that both boys had received an upgrade in accomodations - from the warmers they've been in since birth to the "houses" or isolettes where they will stay until stabilizing enough to be placed in the cribs, where they will remain until discharge from the ICU.

Needless to say it was a great day. To say that little Dylan looks better is the understatement of the year. As I said previously, he was always a little hunk of perfect to us, though I could understand others' reluctance to agree with my jaded assessment. Now he looks, as Michelle put it, like a "real baby." Look for yourself:
All I can say is WOW. Here's Dylan being held by his Mom:

Ok, since we didn't get any pics of Shane yesterday, I'm going to make sure I give him ample space today. The NICU doctor informed us that Shane will be checked tonight by a cardiologist, since there is some concern about a murmur they have found. We're taking this in stride and trying to have faith that everything will be OK. We haven't been let down yet, it seems.

Shane looks WONDERFUL. Granted he didn't have quite the tough birth that Dylan had, but still...

It's been decided that Shane has the "Grier" look - lucky little devil:
Shane once again got the holding treatment from his proud Daddy:

As proof that these two are, in fact, their Daddy's boys, here's a picture of Dylan enjoying some gas:

And, finally, here's the boys first family visitor besides us parents - my Mom. She was amazed at how little they were, though I'm sure the boys were happy to meet one of their three Grandmothers. We'll get the rest of the family in there soon.

Ok, that's all for now. We'll see everyone tomorrow and hopefully we'll have some good news about Shane. Love ya.


KatScarlett said...

I am LOVING these blog entries every day! Seeing how much the boys are improving each and every day is just AMAZING! I love them so much already. I cannot wait to meet them and hold them in my arms.

So they're both off of CPAP now? That's incredible! Ben was 36 weeks and he was on CPAP for 36 hours so the strides these little guys are making is just astounding.

You have every right and reason to be proud parents. These guys are incredible. Please give them kisses from me when you can!

The Griers said...

Yes, they're both off CPAP, at least for the time being. We hope it's permanent, though we're very much in the "one day at a time" mode right now.

Thanks for your words and thoughts - it means a lot to us.

TA said...

YAY Boys! You're off CPAP!? See, you two are showing the world what you are made're strong and wonderful miracles. I enjoy seeing you literally grow and change everyday.

robin_rockman said...

they are so adorable!!!! i love the picture of shane sleeping on his sife with his arms under him! they are so lucky to have such amazing & loving parents like you too! i love reading the blog- corey- you are a great writer!

Lorrie Gerraughty said...

Wonderful pictures of the boys, definitely handsome men - so I am glad they take after Michelle. Watching the boys change so fast must be amazing. My one piece of advice - Don't forget to take care of yourselves!

Kage said...

Wow, they are small. My best wishes go out to your family.

Bek said...

I followed you over from Kage's site... I have a preemie (4 months old now....) and seeing your pictures just brought it all back.

Luckily our little one was only about 6-7 weeks early and she was able to come home pretty soon. We live up the road from the Stanford Children's Hopital and we often have families crash with us when the Ronald McDonald house is full... many have babies in the NICU.... it is bringing back all the memories...

Good luck with your sweet boys!!

marian said...

I also followed from Kage's site. Your boys are beautiful and I can imagine your family and friends really appreciate you taking the time to make these updates. I know I do, and I don't even know you or your boys! Congratulations and best wishes to you all.

courtney said...

Oh my goodness! They really are perfect. Such perfect little angels. And I'm so glad to hear that they're such tough little fighters and making such big improvements.

The blog is great. The pictures make me ache to hold them!

coach_garry said...

Two grandparents here, Garry & Linda, just learning about 'blogging'!!! The technology is fantastic and although we haven't been able to get in to see the boys yet, we are so very grateful for this technology and service.

They are doing so well!! Corey, you have a second calling as a writer/reporter.

We will announce to everyone at Taftsville this morning how they are doing and give them this address. The power of group prayer is alive.

We send our love and can't wait to see them next week when we are down in Mass.