Sunday, December 3, 2006

Happy 1 Week Birthday To The Boys!

Everything's very stable right now with the boys. The murmur that Shane had was apparently taken care of by the treatments and both boys are doing quite well. When we went in on Saturday, both were receiving another round of phototherapy treatment, though the nurse was kind enough to remove the lights and masks and stuff so that we could all enjoy them unhindered by medical apparatus...

I'll lead off with a couple pics of the boys, who are beginning to look a lot alike.


And Dylan:

The boys also had two new visitors, Michelle's Mom ("Nini" and the second of three grandmothers to visit,) and oldest sister Nicole, who had been chomping at the bit to meet her new brothers. Here's Nini saying hello to Shane:

And here's a cute pic of Dylan holding big sis' finger through the isolette hole:

That's all for now, though I must say it's been great hearing from so many family and friends. I'm so happy that you all get to share in this with us and we look forward to introducing you to the boys in person.


KatScarlett said...

Wow! They are beautiful and they really are looking more alike now! That's amazing. Still it seems like Shane has light hair and Dylan dark :)

It's wonderful to hear that Shane's murmur is better! Yahoo! It's amazing what they can do these days with meds huh?

They both look like they are doing wonderfully! I'm so thrilled to hear it. I just cannot wait to meet them some day.

Michelle said...

Soon enough, Patti. Can you day "road trip"?

Mann Twins said...

Hi guys! We are so glad everything is going well. Cameron and Paige can't wait to meet their new twin cousins. I am going to be sending what I have for boy premie clothes to Lorraine for you. There are some pants, but I think mostly short sleeved onsies. Anyway, use what you can and pass it on. Let us know if we can do anything to help. Love ya!!