Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I Have No Clever Headline...

Today was an altogether GREAT day for the Grier family. First off, some fine folks at my work took me and Michelle out to a nice lunch and presented us with a plethora of gifts for the boys. Everything from clothes to blankets to stuffed animals - all needed and all appreciated. It made me realize that I work in one of the best places possible and our family sends the most sincere thank you to all of my friends at the Public Health Commission.

Then we went to see the boys and were amazed at how well they're doing. We were informed that the boys are stable enough to be transported from Saint Elizabeth's to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, which will save us the AGONY of travelling via Route 93 AND the Mass Pike during rush hour(s) to see the boys. It will require us to travel a little South, but the savings in time from travelling those two hellish roads make this a good move all over. We knew they would be transferred eventually, though the best guess was that it would occure around Christmas. We got an early present and it appears that the boys will be moved either today or tomorrow.

Then Michelle and I were allowed to begin "kangaroo care," which is when a newborn is placed skin-to-skin upon the chest of a parent. This practice was first implemented in Bogota, Columbia in the early 1980s and has become a popular treatment for preemie babies since then. Studies have shown that this contact can have a major, positive impact on the development of premature babies in the NICU. I can say that it definately had a positive impact on us! I "kangarooed" Shane while Michelle held Dylan and it was great. Our contact has been limited since the twins were born and this extended, intimate contact with our boys was incredible. I nearly fell asleep with my little Shane on my chest. Due to the nature of this treatment, Michelle was only able to get one picture of me and Shane after Dylan had been returned to his isolette:
We also managed a couple of pictures of the boys - it still amazes me how much newborn baby boys resemble old men!

Here's Shane:

And Dylan:

So, hopefully the next day or two will see a new temporary home for the boys. We bought Christmas-y hats and gloves for the boys, so we'll have some goofy Christmas photos up soon. Thanks again to everyone who has offered us gifts, thoughts or prayers during this time. All three are needed and appreciated equally.


KatScarlett said...

I love these entries. I check here ALL the time waiting for new ones.

They are so amazingly beautiful. I mean truly, just beautiful. I love the pic of Shane asleep on your chest Corey - got me all choked up. Kangaroo care is SO good for babies and I know that they will both benefit from this so very much. They are already doing so well this is only going to help them even MORE!

I have to admit I love the pics...Shane with his blond peach fuzz hair and Dylan with his dark hair. They are so cute and while they are looking more alike they are definitely going to be their own people. Very cool.

Sending my love to you all and continuing to pray for the boys that they just keep getting stronger! I'm so happy that they'll be closer and easier to get to soon!

JJ said...

Wow, what incredible news that they are moving so soon!! I am so thrilled to hear Shane and Dylan are doing so well. Like Patti I'm here every day to see if there are new updates...so glad you have put this together Corey. Continuing to send lots of prayers to all the Griers.