Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Twin Tales

All is well. I have not posted because I had some pictures we were trying to get in our system to post and I was waiting until that happened. Before work today, I'm stopping to scan these photos in and will post them tonight.

Also, we have a replacement digital camera on the way, so hopefully all will be normal by this weekend. My cousin's husband Dan called last night and offered us the use of his digital until ours comes in, an offer which I appreciate and will be taking him up on (thanks Dan!)

As for the boys, all is well. My cousin Charlie and his wife Donna from Colorado were in Massachusetts for a wedding this weekend and the boys were lucky enough to receive a visit from them on Saturday night. Donna is an award-winning Children's author who published a book about twins called "Twin Tales" ( and gave Shane and Dylan their own autographed copy. I don't get to see my Colorado/Arkansas family nearly enough for my liking, so any visit from that branch of the family tree absolutely makes my day. We are all very grateful that Charlie and Donna took time out of a very hectic weekend to spend time with boys - it shows how great family is and I love them for it.

Yesterday, a team of the highly qualified nursing staff at South Shore Hospital worked in conjunction with my determined wife and put Shane and Dylan together (the first time since being evicted from Mommy's belly,) for a Christmas photo. This is very important because the rest of us because we got our family picture taken Saturday morning and it just didn't feel right because the boys weren't there. Truthfully, it still doesn't feel right, though after seeing the boys' picture, I feel a lot better. It may be the cutest picture EVER taken, and I'm not just saying that because they're my boys (ok, maybe I am.) Anyway, this is one of the pics I am going to scan this morning and will post later. I have a copy with me, so anyone at my work will be forced into looking at it this morning.

Healthwise, all is well. The boys are both now above their birth weight and are gaining every day. Dylan, as seems to be the norm, has been faced with some minor health "stuff," though nothing serious and nothing that the staff at SSH seems overly concerned about. Shane's spells of apnea have decreased from several a day to one or two a day, and he is now self-correcting those spells. The boys are now up to about 1.5 ounces of Mommy's Milk per feeding (six times a day) and will attempt to breastfeed sometime in the coming week or so.

There's still no really accurate estimate of a "coming home" date, which is fine with us since we're still operating on the "one day at a time" philosophy which has, to date, not let us down.

See you soon and check back in about 12 hours or so if you want to see the cutest Christmas photo ever taken anywhere by anybody of anyone. The pictures of Charlie and Donna are a bonus.

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Jules said...

Looking forward to seeing that Christmas picture!!!

So happy to hear the boys are steadily gaining weight and that the issues they're facing aren't too serious.

Lots of p&pts coming from IL...