Friday, December 8, 2006

New Home For The Wee Ones

So the boys got their new home at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. They were moved Wednesday evening and Michelle and I got to see them yesterday. South Shore has a great NICU and was much easier for us to get to, since the horrible Expressway and Mass Pike were removed from the equation, leaving just a short jaunt down Route 3 South to Weymouth. Easy and a nice early Christmas present for us.

Not much new happened. Dylan got his IV removed and Shane should have his taken out today or tomorrow, leaving them to feed exclusively on Mother's Milk. Besides that, no news is good news. The boys continue to put weight on and grow, so that they may be strong when they get home.

We both got to kangaroo the boys yesterday, this time switching off so that I got Dylan and Mom got Shane. Here's a pic of Mom and the older boy (pardon the bra,):

And, of course, two updated pics of the boys. This time I'll put Dylan first because my wife is becoming convinced that Shane is my favorite and I don't want Dylan to develop an early resentment against me. So here's Dylan looking quite tired from all the movement and interruption to his routine:

And Shane, glancing up from his isolette:

See y'all soon.


Carrie said...

The boys looks wonderful! So glad the transition went well and they are one step closer to home. Thinking about all of you...

courtney said...

Hey there. Checking in again on you all. I'm so glad to see that the boys made their transition and that it went well. It's great that your trip to them will be so much easier.

They're looking wonderful and growing so strong!

all my love...