Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dylan's Illness and Decorations

It's been a bit since I posted, mostly out of laziness, though the onset of Christmas brings with it some inherent craziness.

Dylan's sick. Poor lil' fella has some sort of stomach thing, though they're not really sure just yet what exactly is going on. They've done some tests and we should have some preliminary results later on this morning and some definite results about 24 hours after the preliminary ones. It could be anything from a simple stomach bug to a serious disease, with many possibilities between (bacterial infections, etc.) though when we saw them yesterday, the Doctor seemed to think that he was already showing signs of improvement. As always, we're trying to take all news in stride, though this had made me realize that the boys are far from being "out of the woods," and that all sorts of things may present themselves during (and following) their hospitalization.

Shane seems to be doing fine and spent some quality time with Mommy yesterday. We continue to kangaroo both boys whenever the opportunity presents itself and Michelle continues to work on the breastfeeding of the boys during her daily visits.

I bought some Christmas decorations for the boys' ICU "room" to give it a little vibe and for some reason I got really bummed out that my boys were going to be in the hospital for Christmas. I think it just hit me or something. Weird. My defense mechanisms are so "on" out of necessity that I really believe I had some weird kind of denial going on and decorating the room seemed to break it down a bit. Anyway, I got a little bummed out, even though I realize that the boys are exactly where they belong right now. It still seems unnatural to have two children in the ICU over the holidays.

The two girls at home are going well and are eagerly awaiting a visit from Santa Claus. Santa will be very busy with us this year, what with him having to handle the girls at our home and then sneak into the NICU to deliver some goodies to the boys, though we are confident that he will be able to work it all out. Go Santa!

That's all. I promise some new pics within the next couple of days. This Dylan news has thrown us off a bit.

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Piper's Mutter said...

Corey, We are thinking of you! Hope Dylan is feeling better. Have a wonderful holiday with your family!